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What's all this talk about bank repossessions? What's changed recently  to make bank Costa Del Sol
repossessions more interesting to buyers? How can I find a  bargain bank repossession?

Over the last few years, with the huge changes we have  seen in the economic climate across Europe, many things have had to  change and fast. One of the most interesting areas where we have seen a  huge turnaround is that of Bank Repossessions, not only in their  perception to buyers but also in how the banks in Spain are dealing with them.

 Previously, most bank repossessions never got anywhere near the public domain with the real bargains being sold to bank  contacts or employees, and the not-so-desirable properties not going  anywhere. Banks preferred to keep a property on their books if they felt the price it would sell at wouldn't be sufficient to cover the original loan plus costs, and thereby built up a collection of assets with the  intention of selling them off later at a price to cover any loss.

Nowadays, the banks are starting to get their own houses in order and have realised that there is a growing market out there of  buyers interested in these great bargains. They are looking for ways to  market these opportunities to the general public and are able to do so  with low starting prices and great finance packages, however they lack  the expertise and knowledge to be able to provide clients with the level of service and assistance they need -  something that a tried and  tested, long running estate agent like PROPERTY COSTA DEL SOL can!

Bank Repossession property now available through PROPERTY COSTA DEL SOL

Several of the leading banks  in Spain have now approached  to offer the best of their  repossession property exclusively through us - and we're not talking  unwanted properties on unfinished or "ghost" developments, but great  value, highly desirable properties on consolidated urbanisations with  fully functioning communities of owners. We can help you through all the ins and outs of buying a bank repossessed property as it is quite a  different process to a standard property purchase, and will work with  you to make sure it is exactly the right property for you “ as we do  with all our buyers.

These repossession opportunities are available in all areas of the Costa del Sol and at all price levels, starting from just under €100,000 and all have finance available.

 How can you take advantage  of the amazing bank repossession opportunities out there? Simple, just  talk to us. Our range of bank repossession property covers all areas and all budgets, so search in your area to find out what's out there or ask us to search for you to choose.

 If you would like to know more or hear from us further
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